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You likely know how devastating mental illness can be. We are at a time in society where mental illness has reached catastrophic levels. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD can be debilitating. They can lead to job loss, failed relationships, decreased immunity, poor health conditions and hurting others or hurting yourself. A debate could go on for months as to the root cause of this increase in mental illness, but that doesn't change the statistics and prevalence. It doesn't change the fact that real people are dealing with these pressures on a daily basis. No simple answer exists, but help can be found. 

Ketamine is a medication we use in anesthesia. Recent studies have shown that in lower doses, it can have a dramatic improvement for those suffering from mental illness. Where some medications fail, ketamine has been shown to have positive benefits for treatment. Similar to any medication, ketamine will work very well for some clients while not being beneficial for others. If you go through the 2-week course of treatments and see an improvement, then we will recommend that you receive a single maintenance dose, as needed, every few months. If you finish the 2-week course and don't see a benefit, at that point, you would know that your body doesn't have the desired response to ketamine.

The treatment will consist of the client receiving an IV. This allows the ketamine to be infused directly into the blood for 100% absorption. Clients will feel a sense of relaxation and some may even fall asleep. The treatment will take less than 1 hour and require that you have someone drive you home.





  • How do I get started?
    • Schedule your appointment
    • When you come to your appointment, make sure you have someone who can drive you home
    • The infusion takes 30-45 minutes
    • You will receive 6 treatments in 2 weeks
  • Do I need ongoing treatments?

    If the 2-week treatment was beneficial, then you may receive ongoing ketamine therapy. The recommended schedule is 1 ketamine session every 1-3 months, as needed.

  • Is it safe for teens?

    Ketamine has very few contraindications. The treatments are safe for TEENS and ADULTS.

  • What is the initial cost?
    • Ketamine treatments are $225 per session
    • To see if your body responds positively to ketamine, you will receive 6 treatments in 2 weeks
    • The total price for 2 weeks is $1,350
    • A discount will be given with a package of 6 treatments
  • What is the ongoing cost?

    Cost depends on frequency of maintenance dosing. As you continue to improve, you may require fewer and fewer treatments.

  • Are there discounts?

    A discount is given for those with a membership.

    A discount is also given when you purchase the initial package of 6 treatments.

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diving into the science

So. Ketamine.

Ketamine is primarily used for its sedative affects and its ability to relieve pain. The primary mechanism of action is to non-competitively inhibit the NMDA receptor. This provides a different pathway of pain control that isn't primarily done by narcotics, which target Mu, Kappa and Delta receptors. We also love this drug in anesthesia because it doesn't suppress respiratory drive or reduce blood pressure like many other common anesthetics. You're probably thinking, "Okay, get to the point—I'm not going into surgery here...".

History Lesson

Here is where it gets interesting. The science community eventually stumbled onto the effects of certain medications that were being used for blood pressure, but realized they were also having an affect on mood. They realized that lowering Serotonin levels induced depression while elevating Serotonin levels induced a sense of happiness and euphoria. So began the medical research into this new class of drugs called SSRIs, and Prozac was born.

The problem is that Prozac and other psychiatric medications only work for a small number of patients. This probably coincides with the fact that Serotonin is only a small percentage of the neurotransmitters in the brain. However, researchers believe that GABA and Glutamate make up the large majority of neurotransmitter effects in the brain due to their push/pull ability that is similar to an on/off switch.

Now for Today

You might be thinking, "If that is the case, then how do we affect GABA and glutamate?".

According to Yale and other sources, further research into ketamine led us to the understanding that ketamine causes an increase in glutamate! BINGO—now we are on to something. This additional production of glutamate allows the brain to form new neural connections. This allows the brain to be more adaptable and form more positive thoughts and behaviors. This is why ketamine has been shown to be beneficial when other psychiatric medications don't work! This is why ketamine can help with a wide variety of mental illness because it is helping the brain to increase neuroplasticity and adaptability. 

Once this exciting discovery was made, multiple clinical studies were done on patients to assess the effects of ketamine and mental illness. The results were fantastic! Many of the patients who didn't receive any benefit from other psychiatric medications were now having noticeable results in as little as 24 hours after the treatment!

This is why ketamine is like a system reboot. This is how these infusions can dramatically improve the dreary landscape of mental illness that is currently plaguing society. This is why the recommendation for ketamine treatments is to do multiple sessions within a short period of time followed by maintenance sessions to continue the benefits and allow the brain to develop additional neural connections that enhance happiness and behavior.

Psychiatric medications create billions of dollars in profits to pharmaceutical companies that are simply trying to suppress side effects. While these medications are crucial if not essential for many people, these medications also produce their own side effects like a flat affect and decreased sex drive. If it were possible for you to feel better without simply suppressing symptoms, wouldn't it be worth a chance?

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Rebel Med Spa will not pretend to sell you on a medication as if it were a magical cure for all of the terrible things you have been exposed to in your life. If anyone else is doing this, you should walk out the door faster than you walked in. Ketamine has been shown through various studies to help with mental illness, but this is not a 100% cure. Mental illness is a sensitive topic with potentially devastating outcomes. 

If you decide to try ketamine, this should be done in addition to other treatment modalities that may include optimization of dietary nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, a professional and certified therapist, as well as support from family and friends.