iv vitamin bar

help your body work the way it's meant to.


Well-rounded like a high-powered multi-vitamin with 100% absorption.


Warrior Performance



Fat Slayer

Metabolism support to reach your goals faster.



Clean house so your body can work more efficiently.


Pain Crusher

Find relief without narcotics.



Healthy glowing skin. Hydrating and filled with antioxidants.


Immune Boost

Like a souped-up sports car, this cocktail is loaded with essentials to support your immune system.


Hangover Relief

When the party gets the best of you, this IV will help you feel ready for Round 2.



Natural boost for getting you back to the important things in life.


Altitude Sickness/Jet Lag



Surgery Support

Optimize your body for healing—before and after surgery.



Add something extra to a cocktail or build your own. 

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IV Vitamin Bar

  • What is an IV Vitamin Bar?

    To give you an IV infusion, we start IV and give you a bag of IV fluid. This is the same type of IV fluid that you would receive in a hospital. The difference is that we also add vitamins and minerals into the fluid depending on your needs. This allows for 100% absorption because it is being injected directly into your blood!

    Supplements are NOT REGULATED! Many studies show they don't contain what they claim. As little as 7% is actually absorbed into your body.

    All of our additives are pharmaceutical-grade injectables.

  • When would I get IV vitamin therapy?

    You can receive an infusion a couple times a week down to once a month depending on your needs. 

    If you are having trouble sleeping, we can give you a boost of magnesium to help you relax. If you are sick, we can give you a boost of vitamin C and other nutrients to help support your immune system and get you back on your feet. If you are low on energy, we can give you an overall wellness cocktail that is packed with B vitamins and other nutrients. The IV fluids and cocktails can also be used for athletes competing in triathlons, marathons, and any other events. Nutrition is medicine!

    (If you are a professional athlete, you should check with your coaching staff and organization prior to receiving any infusions.)

  • Is it expensive?

    Our goal is to make health and wellness accessible for everyone! The price depends on which IV cocktail you choose and what it contains. To help reduce the price, we offer a membership program that provides you with a free IV treatment each month as well as additional discounts that are exclusive to members. 

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    How much is your health worth to you?

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