we are rebels

We are FREE.

We choose.

No matter the broken wings or restless black of night—in spite of the darkness we rise with a fire illuminating the shadows—knowing

Ignis aurum probat 

We decide.

Beaten, broken, tattered and torn we understand the great truth of life—the choice is ours and we decide.

Veni vidi vici 

We take control of our lives!

For we control what is ours to control. We own the breath of our life. We rise, we stand, no matter the depth of the night.

Invictus Maneo 

REBEL Med Spa helps you feel good about yourself so you can bravely face the chaos of life.

Jeremy Henrie,
Nurse Anesthesiologist

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Georgetown Graduate

"Detail-oriented and good with a needle."

I don't believe in promoting "snake oil" just to make $$$. I will be 100% straight with you on your journey to the best version of yourself.

If the treatments are NOT something I would do for myself or a loved one, I sure as hell won't recommend that you do them.

Reignite the fire!
Be your beautiful.

We all want to belong, to love and be loved in return. This all starts with how YOU feel about YOURSELF! Your perceptions create the world around you. Your views pave your realities. Shine from within! Be the light. Be the hope. Be courageous and brave. Be unstoppable! How we feel about ourselves dictates our interactions with the world.

We are all KINGS and QUEENS of our own stories.

At some point we forget how to be comfortable in our own skin. Our mission is to help you to reconnect with yourself. Rediscover how great you are and all the potential you possess. Success is not determined by your bankroll, success is how you feel. Its YOUR happiness! Its that smile you share with the world when you feel good about who you are! No matter your circumstances, we make the choice to rise each day — despite the battles, despite the failures.

Jeremy Henrie, owner
nurse anesthesiologist